Downhole fiber optic pressure and temperature sensing solution
multi-channel signal conditioner
dedicated for pressure & temperature measurements in harsh environnements
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Opsens’ all-sapphire OPP-W fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor operates in extremely harsh commonly found in the oil & gas industry. It delivers real-time, accurate data and allows continuous monitoring of both downhole pressure and temperature in hydrogen and steam rich environments. It has proven to be reliable at temperatures as high as 300 °C (572 °F)

Heavy Oil Wells
Opsens’ sensing system is the ideal solution for heavy oil wells implementing Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) for oil recovery. The Sensors can be installed in both injecting and producing well. They can be also used in all thermal wells where heavy oil is liquefied by hot steam injection such as Steam Flood wells and Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) wells.

Unconventional and Intelligent Well Systems.
Opsens P/T Sensing system is well suited for permanent monitoring systems and/or intelligent well systems. Designs are also available for short-term well interventions.

Benefits & Added Value
Real time accurate and continuous monitoring of the downhole pressure helps operators better understand the reservoir condition, allowing rapid detection methods to quickly & efficiently diagnose and correct potential problems before the affect production. Such optimization of the production process enhances the oil recovery rate and reduces the operating costs associated with steam injection and oil recovery. Opsens’ sensing solution is offered in both single and multiple-point configurations allowing for a multitude of deployment configurations, including real-time monitoring of downhole pumps to profiling a producing well.

With the OPP-W fiber optic P/T sensor, the WFC multi-fiber cable, the Wellsens multi- channel surface readout unit and a full installation and field support services, Opsens can offer outstanding turn-key solutions for your application.